Legacy and Electronic Physical Access Control

Electronic Access Control devices are used to control when, where and who is authorized to enter a building or space and practices the restriction of unauthorized persons from physical intrusion of a property, building, or room.

Due to the increase in offensive crimes, Bradley Royce Ltd. understands just how important it is for our clients to feel safe and secure, whether at the office, warehouse or corporate headquarters.  Bradley Royce provides businesses with confidence that their establishment is safe and protected.

Our electronic access control systems provide the audit control, remote access capabilities, logging and extensibility that are required in a modern enterprise class implementation.

Our access control and security experts have over 30 years of experience in physical and electronic security.  Coupled with competition-tested Locksmithing professionals, Bradley Royce Ltd. offers you a comprehensive countermeasure against today’s physical premises security threat.  Maybe more importantly, our partnership with critically acclaimed fire, sprinkler and alarm teams makes us the perfect choice for all you security, safety, fire and alarm needs.